Community Centre - About Us


Connect Contribute Celebrate


A welcoming place where our community meets to learn, connect, contribute and celebrate.  


Respect – Valuing each other and each other's contributions.

Professionalism – We approach what we do with a commitment to excellence through continuous improvement.

Open and equal access – Everyone is welcome.

Individual Growth – Nurturing individuals helps develop a community.

Quality – Understanding what we do and doing it well.


After extensive lobbying by families and established playgroups in the Coromandel Valley area for a Community Centre, negotiations commenced with the local council to construct a building at the Weymouth Oval.

The Building was officially opened in October 1991.

The first users of the Centre were Playgroups, Nursing Mothers and a group called LEGS (Ladies evening get-togethers)

The Centre was administered under section 199 of Local Government with volunteers until 1997 when it became an incorporated body. With volunteers as office administrators, program co-ordinators and tutors, the Centre has been successful in obtaining grants from numerous sources including Dept of Employment Further Education, Science and Technology , Office of the Aging, the City of Happy Valley, the City of Onkaparinga, Bendigo Bank and the City of Mitcham.

The scope of the programs fostered and delivered by the Centre has been enormous, from Playgroups to Bridge, from BBQ cooking to the large scale "Slow Food Sunday". More recently , annual events in the month of October have seen activities as diverse as a Kids Circus and a Highland Hoot!

The Centre has been an example to others with the development of a Volunteer training manual and ensuring that volunteers receive the training and recognition to successfully support the Centre as well as to reach their potential.

The Centre's primary focus has been on meeting the needs of its local Community and the programs run reflect that.

The Centre very much appreciates the ongoing support and assistance of the City of Onkaparinga.